Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Trip up North

I made it back form up North. I had a fun filled week, my sister, Melissa,seemed to have something planned each day to keep us busy. I got so see a childhood, Kerry, and highschool firend,Melisa. I was fun talking about old memories. It was also nice to catch up. It has been awhile since I had seem both of them. Brett came Firday afternoon to pick me and the kids up and drove to Kaysville to see his sister, Vicki's family. It was a nice realaxing weekend. I think it was good for Brett to be able to see his family, too. It was all fun and a nice distraction from reality, but it's nice coming home.

The Kids went GeoCaching. We had never gone, but it was a lot of fun, especailly for them. This picture is near one of the hiding sites. I like to call them treasures

Little Bennett always along for the ride.

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