Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Hair

Most of you are probably wondering if I am bald, yet. Well, the answer is NO! But my hair has started to fall out. This past Monday is when I really starting noticing that it just wasn't loose hair falling out, it's the real thing. I would probably say on Monday there was about 20-30 piece that I could pull out from just running my fingers through my hair. It has gotten worse each day. Already this moring I would guess about over 100 pieces have come out. If you saw me you wouldn't noticed that I have lost hair. It's thinning, but I have really thick hair. Watching my hair fall out is really scary, because I know what the next step is going to be....bald. I honestly think when the moment comes and I need to shave my head reality is really going to hit me. I am freaked out! I have to keep telling myself that this is just temporary. And I am one lucky GIRL. It could have been a lot worse. I am blessed that I have such amazing family and friends that are around me and will do anything to help. Just knowing that makes this journey a little easier. If I didn't have them I think my attitude would not be the same. I am blessed to have the gospel in my life and to know that I companion every second of the day. Just knowing that I can get on my knees and pray or just talking my heavenly father is the greatest thing.

I had my last appointment with Dr Wintch, my surgeon, this week. I will go back and see him after chemo to discuss more surgery. I'll post about that later. I said to Dr. Wintch, sorry that we had to meet under this condition. Dr. Wintch, said to me "Sara the Lord has a plan for you and you are going to learn something amazing and you have a positive attuide and people are you going learn from you, too." He than said, "you have a beautiful spirit." It's thougths like this that keep me smiling.
Here is Dr. Wintch and me


  1. I LOVE your blog. I am so sorry your hair is falling out. You will look beautiful in your scarves and earrings. Keep up the faith. Your freaking awesome. You are. And you have already taught me stuff.

  2. Wow what an amazing dr. I hope I never have to meet him but if we ever have the need I hope he's still practicing!

  3. Thinking about you, Sara. Hope you're hangin' in there!

  4. Love you my friend. You are amazing!!