Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It has been awhile since I have last posted anything. Our life has been a bit CRAZY!! Which has been nice, I had something else to focus on other then "ME". Back in August I took Bennett in for his wellness check up and the doctor noticed something in his left eye. From there we went to see a optamologist. Bennett has developed a cataract.I am gald it wasn't too serious and it can be corrected. Serious what 10 month old has a cataract??? I thought just old people get these. So we made a few trips to see doctors in Salt Lake City and to get the surgery scheduled. He went in for surgery on Sept 29th, had the cataract removed and had a lense implanted. He did amazing! Which I am so thankful for. He will be getting glasses in the next month or two.


  1. What a crazy time you guys have had. I've never heard of a baby getting a cataract but I'm so glad to hear Mr. Bennett is doing better. I'm also glad you are done w/ treatments. You go girl, you're such an inspiration!

  2. Wow! It just doesn't stop for your poor family! Crazy with your poor little guy and his eye but I'm so glad everything went ok. Sooo excited you are done with your treatments! YAY! You are amazing and I miss you tons! We need to get together...

  3. Hi Sara... Just wanted to say hi. Im glad things are going good with you. Poor little Bennett! But it sounds like everything went perfect. You guys have had a rough year, but the new year is coming soon :) I love reading your blog because your strenghth is amazing to me. Hope all is well...