Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No Control

I feel like I have no control. Is this how it's going to be??? Not necessary the cancer, but all stuff that leads up to the chemo treatment. All the tests, lab work, and getting this port placed. It's all on their schedule. Even when I went it to get my PET scan done. Serious what a joke. I had it scheduled three different time. The first one was denied by my insurance. You have to be on the all protein and no sugar diet 24 hours before the test. So the day before my test I got a call for the doctors office saying the the scan was denied. I felt a little reliefed that I didn't have to get it done and also to eat. And yes, I totally ate three pieces of pizza that night. So the next week the doctor's office called and said we got the PET Scan approved. Dr. Wintch called and gave the insurance company he's two cents. Apparently it worked. By they way, did I mention how much I love Dr. Wintch. He is an amazing doctor. Everyone around town says, "You have the best" and I truly fell like I do. I appreciate him calling me in the evening to tell me about results. Calling me on a Saturday and asking if I would like to come in and talk a little more about surgery. He loves what he does and cares for his patients. Anyway, the PET Scan was approved and of course they scheduled it on my birthday. Awesome birthday gift, right? So here I go again starting my diet the day before and mentally preparing myself. I show up in the morning at the hospital and of course I don't have the work order form from the doctor. Why do I not have the form???? because I wasn't given one. So I call Dr. Wintch and he happened to be at the hospital. He comes down to give them the go ahead and they start taking about the scan and that they had me scheduled for a full body bone scan. Dr. Wintch turned to me and said, "are you seeing any other doctors besides? Because I am pretty sure this is not what I ordered." scan today they told me. I was pretty excited. I didn't want to do this today. Instead of the scan Brett took me out to breakfast and we went shopping. Third times a charm, right? I got the scan scheduled again and it actually happened. What a weird experience that was. The nurse injects you with radioactive medicine and you sit in a dark room by yourself for an hour. They ask that you not bring any thing to entertain you. Your mind must be relaxed. So as i sat there, a lot went through my mind. I think I said about a thousand prayers. I was nervous about what else they could possibly find. Well Dr. Wintch called me that night and everything looked good. I was so relieved.

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  1. I'm so glad you started this blog. It makes me feel closer to you as you're going through this. However, I don't think of it as a typical "cancer blog" because you are CANCER FREE! Unfortunately you have to go through the yicky chemo & radiation. I'm so sorry to have to go through that! I will be with you in thought and prayer! Hope you recover fast from the port placement and enjoy this week before chemo. Man, the hat party looked fun. Wish I could've been there :)