Saturday, July 3, 2010

Treatment number Two

Hmmmm....#2 I really was expecting it to be a lot worse than #1. It's been about the same. I threw-up a few more times than last, but that was just the one night that I got home. I took my sleeping pills and slept the whole night. I woke up feeling pretty good and went out to run some errands. I really can't complain too much about this treatment. I still feel tried, but I'll take that over the throwing-up. My dad and Step mom, Paulette, came down to take and stay with me during this treatment. When I walked into the infusion room, my good buddy Mercedes was there in all her glory with a big smile on her face with excitement that she was there once again. Only because they told her in the beginning that she wouldn't be able to be treated with chemo and gave her 6 months to 1 year to live. She is stage 4 lung cancer, but after her PET Scan Dr Te decide that chemo would work for her. She actually told me that she had another PET scan and her tumor was shrinking. That was exciting news to hear and I am so happy for her. She noticed that I was wearing a scarf and she said, "I was wondering if you would lose you hair." She has also has lost her hair. She really makes it enjoyable being there with her and it makes the time go by fast. I did get a compliment from an old man across the room that looked very sick. he has colon cancer and is not in his liver. He didn't want to talk much and and told me he wasn't havig a good day. He did say he admired my scarf and earings. Hey I'll take a compliment whenever I can get one. Paulette sat and talked with us and my dad took full advantage of the nice leather recliners chairs and laid back and took a nap. Not to mention that he snores. The nurse, Shelia, who I was just started to get to know and like a lot informed me that she is going part-time and would not be working on the days I have treatment...bummer. Paulette is here making a ton of freezer meals that If I feel tired or sick one day I would not have to cook. She also has done all my laundry and cleaned. It's nice to have someone to take care of you every once in a while. I really appreciate it. The kids are doing pretty good. I really don't think they have been effected by my cancer. We have tried to keep things as normal as we possible can for them. Except for all the visitors, but I think they don't mind them coming. Brighton is doing ok, all he wants to do is play sports. Brinlee still wants me to show the world my bald head. Bennett just turned 8 months this week and is still as happy as ever.

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