Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can I just tell you how yesterday felt????? It really was wonderful! My friend, Liz, and I took the kids to the pool. Went to Cafe Rio for lunch. Than headed over to the Library to check out some books and movies. I felt like a normal person. I didn't think twice about the scarf on my head and my baldness underneath, maybe because I am getting use to it. We didn't talk cancer (I don't mind talking about it, it just never came up in conversation) and for a few hours I had forgotten that I had it. The day didn't end there. Brett got home from work and we head to the lake with my niece, Karissa, her boyfriend, and the kids. We tubed, wake boarded, and let the kids play on the beach. It was a fun filled day. I need more days like this.

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